Sushi at home sounds like a ubiquitous term. Simply pick up your phone or grab the tablet and schedule a delivery. But we all know that you’re better than that. Sushi is about timing – about enjoying the warm, delicate shari with high quality fish, seasoned with chef’s special Nagoya shoyu. Enjoying each bite seconds after it’s been prepared is how the greatest sushi is prepared and enjoyed. I have personally been preparing sushi for years and am excited to share my experiences with locals and those visiting Barcelona alike. With experience cooking at Tetsuya’s, Australia’s premier Japanese restaurant and working in Japan, I feel comfortable preparing and recreating the sushi omakase experience in a guest’s home.
The photo is an example of snacks we offer. Galician oysters with kimchi leech de Tigre. Goose barnacles, marinated in kombucha vinaigrette. And Marinated zucchini with romesco and shiso.

Have myself or members of our team of in house dining professionals recreate the dining experience for you.