Fried Picantones with Courgette, Minori Rice and Master Stock. When I first saw Picantones for sale, I thought that they might be similar to squab or large quail – it’s in fact a Catalan bred ‘chicken-pigeon’ who’s origins are French. In this case the picantones are cured and poached in master stock, which is later clarified and poured table side with beautiful ceramic.


Two Picantones
1 Cinamon stick
3 Cloves
15g ginger, sliced
15g garlic
15g white sugar
20ml Sake
20ml soy
1 onion, sliced
5g Coriander
1 dried thai chilli
400ml Water

1 Baby corgette
2g Garlic
1g black peppercorn, cracked
10g Salt

150g Minori rice
160g Water

400ml Vegetable Oil
10g Salt
10g Sugar

Flakey salt
5g ginger, brunoise
5g garlic. brunoise

5 sprigs mint
5 sprigs coriander
Fish sauce
Canola oil
pinch sugar

Poached Picantones

First cure the picantones with salt and sugar and let them rest at room temperature for 20 minutes. make the master stock. Add cinamon stick, 3 cloves, 15g ginger, sliced, 15g garlic, 15g white sugar, 20ml Sake, 20ml soy, 1 onion, sliced, 5g coriander, 1 dried thai chilli and 400ml water to a large pot and bring to a strong simmer. Add picantones and immediately pour into a non-reactive bowl. Let cool in liquid for two hours.

Remove picantones from master stock and allow to dry uncovered in the fridge for two days. Strain the master stock through a superbag and reserve in the fridge.

For the fried picantones, heat the oil to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and fry, breast side down until golden brown. Rest on a rack for 15 minutes and carve breast away from carcas and leg away, retaining the oyster.

For the rice, wash until the water runs clear and add water from the recipe and cover. simmer on medium heat until the water has been absorbed and rest, covered for five minutes.

For the corgette, bring a small pot of water to the boil and add salt, garlic and cracked pepper. When boiling, add corgette and simmer for 30 seconds, drain and run cold water until cold. Reserve on a paper towel at room temperature.

For the stock, add ginger and garlic and heat until hot but below a simmer. Reserve to pour table side.

For the herb salad, toss coriander and mint with the fish sauce, lime sugar and a few drops of canola oil. Assemble as per the photo.

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