El Vemut Sandwich. How many American’s in lockdown in Span does it take to conceive such a sandwich? Probably just the one. Which is the amount of ‘El Vermut’ sandwiches your doctor would probably recommend per day or week depending on your ability to handle sodium. Anyway, this delicious little brain child of wanting to make potato buns and having all of the vermin gear on hand is quick and easy to whip up – especially if you have some sourdough starter hanging around in your fridge. Simply give it a feed and leave it out for a few hours before starting your buns. The buns don’t require an overnight rise but if you’re looking for a heavier sourdough taste, feel free to leave them in the fridge overnight before baking. Makes eight sandwiches.


200 Grams Cooked Potato (Baked, riced and cooled)
500 Grams Caputo Red Flour
115 grams butter, room temperature
2 Medium eggs, cold, plus more for egg wash
22 Grams white sugar
60 grams Water
180 grams Milk
13 grams salt
65 grams Sourdough Starter

16 Guindillas
32 Olives, pit removed
16 Pequillo Peppers
16 Pickled pearl onions, sliced in half
16 Anchovies
16 Slices tomato
8 slices Jamon Iberico
Fluer de sel and pepper

Centerfold shot of ‘El Vermut’


First, make your buns. Take your measured butter out of the fridge to soften. In a Kitchen Aid, add your starter, flour, eggs, sugar, milk and salt and incorporate on the lowest speed until it comes together. Un hinge dough with your hand and let rest for fifteen minutes. Mis on medium for another four minutes until it begins to look smoother. Next, add your butter which should be at room temperature. Add it at low speed until its incorporated. Add your cool potato on low, bit by bit until it begins to incorporate again. Add all of your dough to a large plastic bowl or container and cover to bulk ferment for four hours. Next divide and shape them using a floured work surface. I go for eight uniform buns. Next proof for three hours at room temperature or leave in the fridge overnight if you fancy a more fermented taste.

Wash dough with egg and bake at 230 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. Rest and cool on a cooling rack. At this point, when cool, you can slice them in half and grill or leave as is.

To assemble your El Vermut, layer your pequillos, pickled onions, anchovies, Jamon, tomato (seasoned with flur de sel and pepper) and olives and close the bun. Slice in half and serve.

We’re happy to organize a fleet of these buns for your next corporate luncheon or watch party. Click here to get in touch.