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Oct, 2019

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Where to Find Japanese Ingredients in Barcelona

Before arriving in Barcelona, I knew that there were a couple of Michelin star Japanese restaurants. So I thought it wouldn’t be a problem sourcing high quality Japanese Ingredients in Barcelona. I was wrong. Having worked at top Japanese restaurants ...
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The Legend of Quimet & Quimet

Ahhh. A cold glass of sweet vermouth with a half of a lemon slice and foie gras with black salt and pickled mushrooms. Few things describe Barcelona in a more powerful way than standing at Quimet & Quimet’s bar and ...
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Top 5 Baguettes in The Gothic Quarter

It’s no easy task! However, we soldier on for the greater good of our educated gastronomic community. So you’ve got a day off and Jason and Manchego in the fridge; perhaps a tomato lying around and nothing to tie it ...
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Mont Bar

How good are Tapas! A word as common Barcelona as pizza in New York, there really are restaurant’s in Spain’s cosmopolitan capital putting out some very average tapas. Lucky for you and I, Mont Bar is not one of them. ...
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Fermentation Diaries

We love the complexities which a simple lactic fermentation can add to beautiful, seasonal cherimoya, white asparagus or the Spanish kiwi. Lactic acid bacteria is prevalent on the skins of all fruits and vegetables and it transforms the fruit or ...
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