How much does a private chef cost in Barcelona? We detail the facts to consider when pricing your next private event, birthday party or anniversary. Elect a Chef prides itself on offering Barcelona’s top private chefs for your next special gathering at a fraction of the price of the competition. Our secret? We’re a company created by chef’s for chefs. We’re not a big company based in the UK. We live right here among the people of Barcelona, and that’s where we aim to pass the savings on to. We’ve been told by guests that our luxurious service comes with great value. And that’s the way we like it. Here are some factors to consider when hiring a private chef.

What are the costs associated with hiring a private chef?

What is the most affordable option for hiring a private chef?

We have menus starting at 40 euros per person. These menu’s are typical for groups of 12 people or more.

How much should we expect to pay when booking a private chef for eight people?

We have private chef curated menus which start at 45 Euros per person for a three course meal. This option is without a waiter or waitress. A five course option will cost around 75 euros per person depending on the type of ingredients requested. Paired wine is generally an additional 45 euros per person.

Are the costs less expensive the more people included in the reservation?

Yes and no. A 12 person menu for a three course menu will cost 45 euros per person. But an eight person menu with seven courses will be 120 euros per person.

Is a private chef available for only two diners?

Yes, catering for two people is available. But the chef day rate associated is higher because there are only two diners to share the costs. For example, we just catered a five course truffle dinner for two which cost 200 euros per person. The quality of the ingredients and the small number of guests affected the rate of the dinner.

Do you cater only hors d’oeuvres parties?

Absolutely. We can offer combination menus which offer snacks to begin the meal which would lead to three course or five course options. We also offer canapés parties for from 12 to 50 people. Canapé offerings start at 45 euros and range to up to 60 euros per person, depending on the type of ingredients requested.

How can I lower the cost associated with booking a private chef?

If you’re splitting the cost of booking a private chef – the more people you invite, the lower the cost will be. Another way to lower the cost is providing your own alcohol. We offer consulting services for wine to pair with the meal free of charge. Any wine provided will be served by our waiters if requested so no worries there.

Anything else to consider when considering costs?

Menu’s are catered with your needs at heart. All menus are written or proofread by our chef, Sean. Details on Sean’s background and experiences can be found right here. Here’s a video of what you can expect some of our dinners to look like. Criteria for conceptualizing taste are unique based on our chefs. Chef Michael Sandoval writes about it eloquently here in his blog.