Chef Sean Kommer in Action in this short clip, detailing what you can expect to find in our service. Head Chef, Sean Kommer links up with Arizona Based videographer, Thomas Allen for a trip around the Barcelona markets. Sean and Thomas visit Boqueria Market, San Antoni Market and shop for produce in the Pakistani Markets of Raval. Sean speaks about his kitchen philosophies as he prepares and cooks a private lunch for guests. This is an example of the type of meal’s we’re proud to create at Elect a Chef.

On the menu:

Gambas blancas from Tarragona with Koji РTomato consommé and heritage red radish. A cooling and fresh starter. Gambas Rojas are marinated in sake and miring to accentuate their sweetness and combined with a pungently fresh koji Рtomato consommé.

Steamed Galician turbot with Nagoya shoyu buerre blanc and yuzu scented rice. The rice is grown in the Japanese style, while embracing the Catalonian climate. Fresh yuzu juice is added to the Minori rice to tighten the acid component for the fish, while the Buerre blanc is seasoned with Elect a Chef Nagoya Shoyu and sushi vinegar.

Charcoal grilled Chuleton Vasco with Almeja relish and Agria potato. Catalan Agria potatoes are first pureed and combined with a combination of potato starch and whipped egg whites to create a light pillow of heritage potato flavor. A natural combination with marbled Galician Chuleton.

February makes the season for fabulous sea produce in the Mediteanian and in Galicia, as Turbot and Gambas Blancas develop the fat necessary to protect them in the cold water. And fat my friends, is flavor.

Click the link here to organize a private chef to create a meal based on your needs. A personalized version of this video featuring Chef Sean Kommer in action.