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El Vermut

El Vemut Sandwich. How many American’s in lockdown in Span does it take to conceive such a sandwich? Probably just the one. Which is the amount of ‘El Vermut’ sandwiches your doctor would probably recommend per day or week depending ...
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Hot Chicken Sandwiches

Hot chicken sandwiches are a great way to impress at a party – or calm down a team of drunk people. Whichever your intention may be, this recipe celebrates Nashville while diverging from any other which may be on the ...
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Garlic & Chili Prawns

Garlic & chili prawns are flash fried in olive oil, richly infused with minced garlic and other aromatics. This dish can be found in many a great tapas bar which are slowly reopening throughout the city. If you’ve had yourself ...
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Sourdough Challah Bread

Sourdough Challah Bread or ‘chałka’ as my Polish fiancee would say to correct me (Polska Goal! ⚽️) – is a light and airy enriched dough you can easily prepare at home without a kitchen aid. Sourdough starter is a great ...
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