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Nov, 2019

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Tomato Confit

Tomato Confit: The workhorse pantry ingredient. I first learned of the magical flsvor builder reading the French Laundry Cookbok at The Culinary Institute of America. Powerful, refined, slightly sweet morsels add a burst of vibrancy to any salsa or relish ...
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Sushi at Home

Sushi at home sounds like a ubiquitous term. Simply pick up your phone or grab the tablet and schedule a delivery. But we all know that you’re better than that. Sushi is about timing – about enjoying the warm, delicate ...
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Birthday Dinner Emergency

When we got an email at 1pm in the middle of last week for someone who was too ill to leave the house – we jumped at the opportunity to salvage their special day. The diner had liked our Feliz ...
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The Perfect Potato Croquette

The perfect potato croquette. A mainstay in every pinxos window and tapas menu alike. We’re conceptualizing a menu for a tapas event on Friday afternoon and the host has asked for croquettes. Allow me to give you the play by ...
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