How good are Tapas! A word as common Barcelona as pizza in New York, there really are restaurant’s in Spain’s cosmopolitan capital putting out some very average tapas. Lucky for you and I, Mont Bar is not one of them. After warm greetings from most of the service team, my partner and I dug into the menu. Firstly, Great economy of space in the bar as well as outdoor seating contribute to Mont Bar’s cozy atmosphere. The favorite snack was a langoustine cannoli with saffron and kimchi mayonnaise. A flavor composition, I will be borrowing sometime in the near future. Lightly seasoned, confident cooking going on here. Stracciatella with tomato, basil and pistachio is another must order. Delicate, mild strands of curd shine through busts of tomato acidity and pungent pesto sauce. Tuna belly in pine nut sauce arrives with a theatrical smoke filled cloche – and delivers a powerfully seasoned, sweet soy flavor. Steak tartar and Suckling pig terrine play cleanup, delivering heavy, savory flavors. Two people, with drinks and ambitious ordering, €150.

Mont Bar