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How much does a Private Chef cost?

How much does a private chef cost in Barcelona? We detail the facts to consider when pricing your next private event, birthday party or anniversary. Elect a Chef prides itself on offering Barcelona’s top private chefs for your next special ...
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Chef Sean Kommer in Action

Chef Sean Kommer in Action in this short clip, detailing what you can expect to find in our service. Head Chef, Sean Kommer links up with Arizona Based videographer, Thomas Allen for a trip around the Barcelona markets. Sean and ...
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Sourdough Challah Bread

Sourdough Challah Bread or ‘chałka’ as my Polish fiancee would say to correct me (Polska Goal! ⚽️) – is a light and airy enriched dough you can easily prepare at home without a kitchen aid. Sourdough starter is a great ...
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Itamemono or stir fry, is featured here with vegetables which have been cooked separately and brought together in a thickened dashi sauce, flavored with ponzu. I love the contrast between the fried eggplant here and daikon and meaty mushrooms which ...
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