Garlic & chili prawns are flash fried in olive oil, richly infused with minced garlic and other aromatics. This dish can be found in many a great tapas bar which are slowly reopening throughout the city. If you’ve had yourself a big Friday night and want to lay low for the rest of the weekend, treat yourself to a night in with this classic and some patatas braves and aoli. Serves four.


300 ml Olive Oil
200 grams high quality prawns, peeled, deveined and butterflied
1/2 Dried Thai chilli
6 cloves minced garlic
1 heaping teaspoon salt
15 grams minced parsley
10 black peppercorns
2 bay leaves
Pimenton picante to taste


To complete the garlic & chili prawns, add garlic, bay, peppercorns, chili and salt, along with the olive oil and bring to a gentle simmer over medium heat. When the garlic starts to take on a golden brown, flash fry the prawns for about 20 seconds, frying in batches. When pink, transfer to heated bowls. When all of the prawns have cooked, add parsley and remove from heat. Add pimenton picante to taste and spoon hot oil over the prawns. Serve with crispy patatas braves and aoli. For aoili, you can take a spoonful of the golden brown garlic and add it to store bought mayonnaise with a big squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper.

Oil readying itself for sweet prawns

For the patatas bravas, take some potatoes and cur them into cubes, with the peel after scrubbing them clean. It’s healthier! heat some vegetable oil over medium heat. When cooked through, remove from oil and cool. Next, heat the oil over medium high heat and fry the potatoes until crispy and golden brown. For a full in house Spanish tapas experience, click here to get in touch.